Review; Purls and Potions by Nancy Warren

Earlier this year I read the paranormal cosy mystery Purls and Potions by Nancy Warren and today I'll post my review.

Description from Goodreads
Lucy’s first love potion goes horribly wrong
Romances get tangled
But worse, someone dies!

Romance is in the air on Harrington Street, Oxford. Detective Inspector Ian Chisholm is finally showing interest in Lucy, though the members of the vampire knitting club aren’t too thrilled to have the police hanging around so close to Cardinal Woolsey’s yarn shop. Up the street at Frogg Books, shop assistant Alice is in love with her bookish boss, Charlie, who doesn’t seem to notice.

Lucy’s trying to become more proficient as a witch and when her cousin Violet talks her into brewing up a love potion to bring Alice and Charlie together, it seems like a harmless way to improve her craft.

Until someone dies.

Is Lucy’s love potion more deadly than cupid’s arrow? Or is there a killer on the loose?

Purls and Potions is Book 4 in the best-selling Vampire Knitting Club series. There’s no sex, gore or cliff-hanger endings, just lots of humor and quirky characters—including Nyx, Lucy’s black cat and familiar. Each book can be enjoyed on its own.

My Thoughts on the Book
The more books I read in this series, the more I enjoy it. The cast of characters are in lots of cases a bit quirky, in addition to the plot and story often has a bit of humour. The plot and mystery was well crafted in this one and I was unsure who the murderer was until the end.

Overall it was an enjoyable read.


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