Review; Diamonds and Daggers by Nancy Warren

A little while ago I read Diamonds and Daggers by Nancy Warren and today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Goodreads
Missing jewels, a witch's dagger and murder...
Just a regular day at Cardinal Woolsey's Knitting and Yarn shop in Oxford.

When glamorous vampire Sylvia discovers a movie company is remaking one of her most famous silent films, she's determined to get some creative input and decides to make knitting shop owner Lucy the beneficiary of her estate. Lucy will front for Sylvia in dealing with the movie executives who want to recreate the priceless Cartier jewels made specially for the original movie and still owned by Sylvia.

Meanwhile, Lucy's moving along in her witch's training. It's time to choose her own athame, a dagger that she'll use for spells.

With all that going on she's barely got time to run a knitting shop, never mind solve another murder.

This is book 11 in the Vampire Knitting Club. From a USA Today bestselling author, these stories are cozy, clean, with quirky characters, a too-smart cat, and lots of magic and mayhem. Each can be read alone.

My Thoughts on the Book
Even though The Vampire Knitting Club series isn't perfect, I do love the humor in the series and the dynamics between the characters. The mystery is well crafted and engaging with a couple of twists here and there, and let's be real, I wouldn't be in Lucy's shoes when Sylvia finds out that her Cartier jewels are missing.


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