Book Tag; Book Merch Tag

I came across the Book Merch Tag over at Sav's Review and decided to play along as it looked like a fun tag.

1. Mention the creator of the tag(Celine @Celinelingg).
2. Mention the blogger who tagged you.
3. You may add your own questions if you want to!
4. Spread the love and tag some people to participate and connect! (There’s no limit in number, so have some fun and just tag!).

The Questions:
1. Book Merch that you are dying to have?
I would love to have this Bram Stoker Funko Pop.

2. Let’s say you win a lifetime voucher with only ONE option. Book merch or Books?
Books, even though I love book merch.

3. Have you ever tried making your own book merch?
I once made a Gryffindor scarf.

4. How do you usually get your book merch?
One of my favourite places is Etsy.

5. Mind to share why do you love (or the contrary, not a big fan of ) bookish merch?
I love bookish merch as I can show off my love for books.

6. Let’s say you are a book merch addict. What will you do if there are no space left to store your new book merch?
I have honestly no idea what to do.

Also, if you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged.


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