Let's Talk Bookish; How Are You Going On Your Reading Goals So Far This Year?

It's Friday and perhaps time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Book Nook Bits. The theme of the week was "How are you going on your reading goals so far this year?".

The further prompts are as follows.
Did you set any reading goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? If so, how are you doing with them? Any you’ve already met? Are there any goals you want to add? Did you set any blogging goals? If so, how are you doing with those?

In the beginning of the year, I decided doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge and set my goal for 100 books, in addition to joining a few reading challenges hosted by other book bloggers. While I've sadly ditched the reading challenges by other book bloggers down the lane, I'm continuing on the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I'm currently a bit ahead of schedule there.

As I've ditched the majority of the reading challenges, I don't see any point in adding any new goals reading-wise. I'll perhaps add a goal of creating more original content for the blog, if I continue writing it that is. I honestly can't remember if I set any blogging goals, as I've been going back and forth on whether or not to continue blogging or taking a break, or for that matter, quit.


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