Let's Talk Bookish; How Many Books Is Too Many?

It's Friday yet again and perhaps time for another Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Eternity Books and Literary Lion. The theme of the week was "how many books is too many?".

The prompts for discussion is as follows.
With holidays coming up there’s bound to be a lot of gift giving. I’m sure many of us will ask for more books to add to our collection – but how many books is too many? Do you think the book community encourages over consumption?
I can't deny I'm a firm believer in there's no such thing as too many books, just not enough bookshelves and time to read, as well as tsundoko. For a long time, I've also had a dream of creating a library room and in my small and charming old house from 1901, I'm working on that happening.

That said, I am probably guilty as charged in terms of the book community encouraging an above average consumption of books. Not all of us encourage it of course, but I think the majority of us probably do to a certain extent, especially if the local library isn't the best option (if there's a local library at all).

The fortunate thing in Norway, is that there's the option of a national library card, where you can register your mentioned library card at any library (for free) and you can borrow as many books you want, which is a really nice option. I can't remember if I paid anything for that card, as I've had it for over 15 years, but the only thing I potentially need to pay is overdue fees if I'm late in returning any books.


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