Book Tag; New Year Book Tag

I came across the New Year Book Tag over at An On She Reads and decided to have a go at it, considering we're in 2022 at the moment.

How many books are you planning on reading in 2022?
I plan to read 100 books this year. As I managed to read 84 books last year, even considering that I've moved from a rented basement flat to a house that I own, I think it's fully possible to read 100 or more books this year.

Name five books you didn’t get to read in 2021 but want to make a priority in 2022
Considering I'm having a World Literature Project going on, I'm going to list five books for that project that I've got in my TBR pile.

Of Morsels and Marvels by Marysse Condé
Fore under the Snow by Palden Gryatso
Willow Trees Don't Weep by Fadia Faqir
Frangipani by Celestine Vaite
The Cost of Sugar by Cynthia McLeod

Name a genre you want to read more of in 2022
I'm an eclectic reader in general, but I would love to read some more poetry this year.

Three non-book related goals for 2022
I mentioned that I moved last year, so one of my non-bookish goals are to get a hold of some outdoor furniture for my deck, so I can spend some time outside and enjoy the view as I'm fortunate enough to have a view over the inlet to Egersund. Another goal is to plant some trees and flowers in my small backyard.

The last goal is to get my driving license and (hopefully) a car.

What’s a book you’ve had forever and still need to read?
I've had Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist on my shelf for ages and I still haven't read it yet.

One word that you hope 2022 will be?
I guess I could use the word stable. As previous years has been a bit insane to say it the least, both in terms of my father dying of cancer and all the craziness that followed, but also because of the pandemic and me moving last year.

It honestly would be nice to get a bit of a breather, so I could relax a bit more.


  1. Hva med å bli med i Artemisias diktlesesirkel?
    Let the right on in er verdt å lese. Og så se filmen etterpå :)



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