Let's Talk Bookish; 2022 Reading Goals

It's Friday, which means it's probably time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Eternity Books and Literary Lion. As it's the first Friday of 2022, it was only fitting that the theme of the week was 2022 reading goals.

The further prompts/questions to answer is as follows.
As we enter the new year many of us will be setting goals on Goodreads and choosing new year’s resolutions. What are your goals related to your blog or books/reading in general? Are you going to have resolutions this year, if not why not?
Personally, I've got several goals and plans for both reading and the book blog. First off, my Goodreads goal this year will be 100 books. As I've read 84 books last year, even as I moved, I think reading 100 books will be fully possible. I'm also planning to participate in a few reading challenges, two in which I also host on this blog, just to have some "focus areas" in terms of my reading this year.

Here's the reading challenges I'm participating in this year.
2022 Diversity Reading Challenge (the one I'm hosting)
2022 WWII Reading Challenge (another one I'm hosting)
2022 I Read Horror Year-Round Reading Challenge (planning to do the spooky level of six books)

A couple of goals/plans I have in relation to my blog is to focus a bit more on diverse books, hence the diversity reading challenge I'm hosting, as well as having some themed months on my blog throughout the year, such as Black History Month in February, Pride Month and Caribbean Heritage Month in June and a horror/spooky-themed October.

That said, I don't have any "proper" resolutions for 2022, mainly due to the fact that I sometimes feel resolutions is a bit forced and overhyped thing. By all means, if anyone wants to have one or several resolutions, I'm no going to stop you, but it's just not something for me.


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