Book Tag; My Favorite 2022 Blogging Moments Tag

I came across the My Favourite 2022 Blogging Moments Tag over at Hammock of Books and I decided to play along.

  • All the answers must be about your blog posts
  • Please link back the original creator of the tag so she can see all your posts!
  • You don’t have to provide just one post for each question, you can provide as many as you want so long as they were written in 2022
  • If you haven’t written a post that matches one of the questions, choose one that relates to it as close as possible
  • Tag 5+ bloggers so they can share their accomplishments too! And make sure you read the posts they share!

Now, over to the questions:

What’s Your Favorite Book Review

What’s Your Favorite Discussion Post?
My favourite is probably Pros and Cons of Historical Fiction.

What’s Your Favorite Fun Post?
The blog post that caught my mind immediately was My Favourite Place To Read In The Autumn

What’s Your Favorite Book Recommendation Post?

What’s Your Favorite Book/Bookish Photo?
I do really like this photo of She's Magic & Midnight Lace by Ann Marie Eleazer I took this summer.

What’s Your Favorite Original Idea/Blog Post?

What’s Your Absolute Favorite Blog Post You Wrote This Year?
There's so many fun ones I've written, but I do love Top Ten Tuesday; Horror Novels That Features The Haunted House Trope

Have You Reached Any Blogging Achievements This Year!
In July, I reached the milestone of being a book blogger for ten years, which is pretty cool I think.


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