Review; She's Magic & Midnight Lace: Poems and Poetic Spells by Ann Marie Eleazer

Earlier this year, I read the poetry collection She's Magic & Midnight Lace: Poems and Poetic Spells by Ann Marie Eleazer and today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Amazon
Ann Marie Eleazer has always considered herself a bit ancient, haunted and otherworldly, who enjoys enchanted flights through the dark fairy tales and magical places she's been drawn to since childhood.

She's Magic & Midnight Lace is a beautiful collection of poetry and prose, or as author, Ann Marie Eleazer says, Poems and Poetic Spells. Each page is filled with her writings that will charm you and leave you spellbound. "

She's Magic & Midnight Lace has over 200 hand-selected pieces from the soul of the author that will lure you in, giving you a better understanding of the mystery of the darkness, and have you believing just how magical life really can be.

My Thoughts on the Book
I really loved this collection and I feel I can't do it justice. It's dark, moody, sensual and seductive in all the good ways. If you're going to read one poetry and prose collection this year, please read this one.

Also, if you're a bit curious, you could find the author on Facebook and Instagram.


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