Review; The Girl With Salem In Her Eyes: a collection of poetry and prose by Ann Marie Eleazer

I recently got my hands on The Girl With Salem In Her Eyes, the newest poetry collection to Ann Marie Eleazer and I read it the day I recieved it in the mail. Today I'll post my review.

Description from Amazon
Fall only comes once a year. The air gets a bit crisper, the leaves begin to let go from high in the trees descending to the Earth, and the nights seem to hold a bit more mystery, but this timeless collection of witchy poetry and enchanting prose will be one you'll want to read throughout all seasons.

The Girl With Salem In Her Eyes is Ann Marie Eleazer's second collection of poetry and prose following up her best-selling debut, She's Magic & Midnight Lace.

If you are a lover of all things magical and mysterious, Ann Marie has included over 200 dark and divine pieces of well-crafted musings as if her melancholy soul spilled out onto the pages themselves.

For all those who celebrate Autumn and embrace their enigmatic self, Ann Marie Eleazer takes us through the forest of her thoughts, leading us down a shadowy path of Gothic wickedness leaving a desire for more of her spellbinding reflections.

The Girl With Salem In Her Eyes is a must-have collection of seductive dark poetry filled with alluring romance, mythical settings, and bewitched lovers.

My Thoughts on the Book
The Girl With Salem In Her Eyes is one of those poetry collections that makes me go "be still, my heart" as I love it that much. It's dark, sensual, melancolic, and overall amazing. It's one of those books that should be read, if one wants to understand my dark soul a bit more, but it's worth the read nontheless.


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