Review; Perennials by Bryce Gibson

As I've read a few of the other books by Bryce Gibson, I couldn't resist reading the thriller Perennials. Today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Goodreads
Summer in South Carolina-a time of ripe peaches, crackling bonfires, trips to the lake, and the rural legend of a creature known as the Lizard Man.This year, a very real monster is lurking about. The victims all have one thing in common-they share their names with plants.Soon it becomes apparent that seventeen-year-olds Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush may be next on the killer's list.

"That was when I realized that the red I saw in the driveway wasn't blood. It was a scattering of rose petals. Deep down, I knew, right at that very moment, that what all of us had been afraid of for the past several months had already happened. The serial killer had finally made his way to Crow County."- Dusty Miller

My Thoughts on the Book
It's a bit of a slow burn book, especially with Dusty and Nandine, but I overall liked the story. There's various puzzle pieces that fits in the end of the book, and the plot and storyline was interesting, even if the ending might have been slightly rushed.

Overall, it was a fun and engaging read though.


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