Let's Talk Bookish; Do You Use Your Local Library?

It's Friday and perhaps it's time for another Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Book Nook Bits and the theme of the week was "Do you use your local library?".

Here's the further prompts for this week.
Do you have a local library you go to often? Does your school/did your school have a library? What are your favorite things about libraries? Are there certain books you borrow from your local library more or less often than others?
Back when I lived in Bryne, I often used the local library and borrowed books (it even had a library café), but now that I live in Egersund I don't use libraries that often anymore, as the one where I live is fairly small. It doesn't help that most of their books aren't of any interest to me at all. While attending school, fortunately all the schools had libraries I made use of though.

Some of my favourite things about libraries are that they're a bit of a safe haven without any pressure on spending money, but rather enjoy books. A lot of libraries also host various free events too.

When I do borrow books from the library, it's more often than not some mainstream and/or hyped books I'm unsure whether I'll like or not. If I don't like them, at least I haven't wasted any money on purchasing them.


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