Book Tag; Build Your Own Dream Reading Corner Tag

Ages ago, I came across the Build Your Own Dream Reading Corner Tag over at Bookish Rita and saved it for later. Now I figured out it was the time to do the tag, especially as I've sort of created my own dream reading corner in my house.

Setting the mood
Pick the colours and lighting for your reading corner!
I've got plenty of natural light from the bigger window during the day, but I've fortunately also got some lamps and candles for when it gets dark in the evening.

For the most part, there's warm and earthy tones in my living room, with some random jewel and metallic tones here and there.

Store your books
Where will your books live?
I've got a total of eight black BILLY shelves from IKEA in my living room, where the majority of my books live, in addition to a few wooden crates. The rest of the books live upstairs in shelves.

Arranging and displaying
How will you organise all your books?
If it wouldn't have been such a pain in the arse finding the exact book, I'd organise them by colour, but instead I've organised them by read/unread, as well as author and genre.

Get comfortable
Where are you sitting or laying while you do all that reading?
On my leather sofa.

Curl up with…
Who or what are you snuggling with?
If it's cold enough, I find a throw/blanket to keep warm. That said, I wouldn't mind having company of either a dog, a cat, or a nice person though.

Cookies, anyone?
Are you eating or drinking anything? (We’re not judging)
Most of the time, I've got some tea and chocolate nearby. Sometimes I find either some red wine or whisky.

Who are you tagging?
If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged.


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