Let's Talk Bookish; Are Big TBR's A Result Of Abibliophobia?

It's Friday and time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Eternity Books and Literary Lion. The theme of the week was are big TBR's a result of abibliophobia?

I guess the fear of running out of books to read is there for a lot of readers to an extent, regardless of how big their TBR is. As I've got over 200 books (probably even over 300, if not more as I haven't counted) unread in my bookshelves, it's not like I'm afraid of running out of reading material anytime soon or it's exactly because of the huge number of unread books that I don't feel panicky.

As I keep the unread books seperate from the ones I've read, it's fairly easy to figure out what to read next. If I don't have a reading challenge/readathon in mind or some kind of seasonal read, such as horror during the autumn, I tend to use a TBR jar for a random pick.

That said, I might suffer a bit of tsunduko though, as I may have purchased a book or two in which I'm unsure if I'll ever read.


  1. I suffer from the second, I have so many I stress out if I can read all

  2. Such a good idea to keep the books you have read separate from the books you still have to read.

    1. It's certainly a good idea, especially considering just how many books I've got. It's the most efficient way of keeping track.

  3. I can't imagine picking what to read if I owned that many unread books!!


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