A Bookish Gift Guide For The Book Lovers In Your Life

Alright, as it is December and soon Christmas, I decided to write a bookish gift guide to post on this blog. I can't deny I'm a bibliophile, but most people don't dare buying me books for Christmas, as I've got over a thousand (some of us dream of having a very own library room in a future home, just saying).

As I suspect there's other people with that issue out there, aka "what to buy for a bookworm that has plenty of books", why not make a list of bookish gifts that could be suitable? If my hunch is right, I am not the only one who loves bookish items that aren't books.

Anyway, here's my little gift guide of bookish gifts for the book lovers in your life and all of the items cane be found on Etsy. Some items are on the cheaper side, so they could work nicely as stocking fillers, while others are more expensive, so there's something for everyone on this list.


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