Book Blitz; The Truth of Letting Go by Amy Sparling

The Truth of Letting Go
by Amy Sparling
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2017

Summary from Goodreads:

The summer before senior year, Lilah Monroe’s parents take a nine-day trip, leaving her as the guardian of her bipolar cousin, Cece. When Cece’s parents died tragically five years ago, she and her brother moved in with Lilah. Her brother soon went missing and was presumed dead.

Lilah and Cece couldn’t be more different. They used to be best friends, but high school has changed them both. Lilah likes order, schedules, and a tidy room. She has plans for her future and won’t let anything derail it, not even Cece whose life is constantly on the edge of chaos. Cece is messy, erratic and sensitive. She also has a reason to believe that her brother is still alive. Despite Lilah’s reservations, Cece tracks down an old friend who believes her theories. Ezra happens to have gotten really handsome since Lilah last saw him. Too bad they never really got along when they were kids.

Knowing the odds are stacked against them, Lilah breaks all of her parent’s rules for order and reason and joins forces with Cece and Ezra to set out on the road in an old RV in hopes of finding her dead cousin. Lilah and Ezra have a love connection amid the chaos, and when they discover what really happened to Thomas, it’s a truth no one saw coming. One that just might get them killed.

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I close my eyes and let the air conditioning tickle my eyelashes. “I’m always down for a good one hundred and four day Netflix marathon.”
“Hey, there’s your cousin,” Kit says, pointing through an opening in the two cars in front of us. To the right, the school busses line up next to the building for the unfortunate students who are too young to drive or can’t bum a ride. Standing in line to board bus sixteen is a chubby girl with long red hair and dark wash jeans that have bleach splatters going up the legs from an unfortunate laundry room accident. “Should we ask if she wants a ride home?”
Kit has met Cece a handful of times in the three years we’ve been friends. Every single occurrence was super awkward and left me reeling with second hand embarrassment. My family is used to Cece’s lack of filter when she talks, but other people aren’t. This is exactly why I prefer to go to Kit’s house instead of invite her over to mine.
“Nah, that’s okay.” As I say the words, I feel a little guilty about it, but Cece is already hopping up the stairs and into the bus. She wouldn’t hear me if I called her name now. I mean, probably not. I give Kit a half smile. “She doesn’t mind the bus.”

About the Author
In case you didn't know, Amy isn't my real name. It's a pen name I use to publish books and novellas for teens that have a romantic theme.

I chose the name Amy Sparling when I independently published my first book, Deadbeat. I wasn't sure if I would keep the pen name at first--I wasn't even sure if I'd keep publishing. But I got incredibly lucky and found a group of young adults who loved my stories and kept asking for more. You guys seriously have made my writing hobby into the greatest part of my life. I will continue writing books under this name for as long as my readers want them!

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