Review; As Old As Time by Liz Braswell

As I love both fantasy and Beauty and the Beast, I couldn't resist As Old as Time by Liz Braswell. I read it shortly after I purchased it and today I'll post my review.

Description from Goodreads
What if Belles mother cursed the Beast? As Old as Time is the third book in a new YA line that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways. When Belle touches the Beasts enchanted rose, memories flood through Belles mind. Memories of a mother she thought she would never see again. And, stranger still, she sees that her mother is none other than the beautiful enchantress who cursed the castle and all its inhabitants. Shocked and confused, Belle and the Beast will have to unravel a dark mystery about their families that is 21 years in the making.

My Thoughts on the Book
As Old As Time was a well written re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. It's fast-paced and enjoyable, with a smart and resourceful Belle. It also fills in on a couple of the plot-holes in the Disney movie, like why Beast was cursed.


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