Let's Talk Bookish; Appreciation For Book Bloggers

It's Friday and perhaps time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Literary Lion and Eternity Books. The theme of the week was appreciation for book bloggers.

I'm not going to deny that I sometimes feel a bit like an "underdog", even within the book blogging community, as I'm not exactly a top ranking/popular book blogger. That said, I do appreciate the comments, views, etc, that I get, so please don't get me wrong here. I'm not totally sure who appreciate the work of book bloggers the most, readers, authors or other book bloggers. All I know is that I have occasionally recieved some nice comments and/or tweets from authors if I've reviewed their book(s) or highlighted their work in a list. I also know that sometimes people add books to their TBR lists after reading about them at my blog.

In terms of social media, I am a bit torn. In some cases, social media like Instagram and TikTok can depreciate book bloggers in terms of in-depth blog posts that's "impossible" to do on IG and/or TikTok, but if used correctly, Instagram and TikTok can be used as an extension of a book blog. I can admit that I use my own Instagram account as an extension of my own book blog and a place where I can basically "play around" a bit. Instagram is a bit more visual than a book blog, the latter is more about the written word, so it has different uses, at least in my case.

While it's nothing wrong with wanting compensation from the book industry for our work, heck, it would be nice being PAID to read all day, I do feel a lot more free to voice my own opinions when I don't have any financial ties anywhere. Let's be real, if I get paid by a publisher to write a positive review on a book I feel is a piece of crap, I feel I would lose my integrity and authentic voice as a book blogger and therefore lose the respect from the readers, who could easily "flee" from my book blog to another that has more integrity. So if I want to get paid to book blog, it would be for the right reasons and without losing my integrity in the process. That said, I do from time to time get free press copies from authors and publishers, but I've never experienced that they demand I only write a positive review of the book(s).

PS. In case anyone is curious, here's my Instagram.


  1. I feel the same about being paid, I do feel it can compromise trust and honest in a review. I don't have the will for social media - it can be too toxic on so many of the sites and raising your profile takes such a huge amount of effort - time I'd rather spend reading, lol!

    1. It's nice I'm not the only one feeling that way about being paid. :-) I don't blame you for your thoughts on social media - it can really be toxic at times and just the effort one needs to put into it are both reasons why I sometimes just want to quit.

  2. I love that you use Instagram to extend your blog - I like to think that's how I use Instagram and YouTube too!

    1. IG can be fun at times, that's for sure, but it's also a lot of effort.


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