Review; Poems on the Underground edited by Gerard Benson

A while back I came across the poetry anthology Poems on the Underground edited by Gerard Benson at a local secondhand bookstore and I couldn't resist buying it. Today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Goodreads
An even bigger edition of the best selling poetry anthology, this time as a hardback, original format, in two colours throughout. Originally published as 100 Poems on the Underground, this new tenth edition contains over 300 exceptional poems. Total sales now exceed 275,000 - on a national basis, not purely London based. Timeless, unpretentious and idiosyncratic collection of poetry, including many in translation and from a variety of cultures.

My Thoughts on the Book
Even though it was a great variety in the poems and I do like the concept of making poetry more "available" to the masses (as in having posters with poems on the Underground), I wish there were even more female poets and that it was even less Euro-centric.


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