Review; If You Cherish Me (A Sugar Maple Novel Book 3) by Ciara Knight

Last year I recieved an ARC of the romance novel If You Cherish Me (A Sugar Maple Novel Book 3) by Ciara Knight through Netgalley. I read it shortly afterwards and today I'll post my review.

Description from Netgalley
Ex-con Declan Mills bursts into town on an good-will errand believing he is reuniting a father and daughter, but the miss-lead adventure almost landed him back in jail. Something doomed to happen anyway since he has no job, no income, and no way to make restitution for his former crime.

Tranquil Maple Nursery owner, Felicia Hughes, spends her life tending to plants, her Nana after her stroke, her friends, and any stray she can find, but little time caring for herself. But when her plants don’t show for the filming of Bronx Revard’s new segment on Tranquil Maple she nearly breaks from the stress until Declan offers his camper to transport everything in time.

Desperate for help to keep up with the demands of business and caring for her Nana, she offers Declan a job that has to accept if he has any hope of making his first restitution payment to the courts in time. But when the town elders and Felicia’s friends want the man who brought trouble to Sugar Maple run out of town, can she show them, and Declan, that he’s not only a good man, he’s the right man-for her.

My Thoughts on the Book
If You Cherish Me was an engaging romance, especially considering the "give people a second chance"-theme. As it's a romance, it's of course a bit predictable, but the plot had a few twists and turns to make it an interesting read.


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