Book Tag; Trick or Treat Book Tag

I came across this fun tag called Trick or Treat Book Tag over at Lala's Book Reviews and I decided playing along.

Kit Kat Bar : An anticipated release (break me off a piece of that kit kat bar)
The Girl in the Maze by Cathy Hayward

M&Ms: book with a colorful cover
The Hocuss Pocus Magic Shop by Abigail Drake

Milky Way: Name a book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle.
The Little Book of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

Sugar Babies – An underrated book or character
Misfits by Hunter Shea

Sour Patch Kids – A book that started off sour and ended up being sweet.
I have honestly no idea.

Hershey Kiss – Your favorite first kiss!
I have honestly no idea on this one either.

Favorite book to read during Halloween-time?
The Woman in Black by Susan Hill


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