Book Tag; The Spooky Scary Books Tag

I came across The Spooky Scary Books Tag over at Shelby Masako's YouTube Channel and I decided to play along as it's a tag right up my alley.

1. What goes bump in the night?: Name a book that has legitimately scared you while reading it.
I'm not one of those who gets legimately scared while reading, so I honestly don't know.

2. Jack O Lanterns and Classic Costumes: A book you always reach for during halloween time.
I rarely read books twice, but The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is a book suitable for Halloween.

3. Black Cats and Magic Mirrors: A book you love that is laced with superstition and/or magic.
The Witchling's Girl by Helena Coggan

4. Witch’s Brew: Favorite witch character in any book/series.
I love the trio of witches from The Vine Witch trilogy by Luanne G. Smith

5. Ghouls and Ghosts: A book that still haunts you to this day (good or bad).
A Class of Conjuring by Evie Wilde haunts me for all the wrong reasons.

6. Haunted Graveyard: You’re all alone in a haunted graveyard, you get ONE book to give you comfort, which is it?
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

7. The Undead: Favorite supernatural creatures to read about (i.e. vamps, zombies, werewolves, etc).
I love reading about vampires, so I'll mention The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

8. In the dead of night: Pick a book with a black cover.
Pet Cematary by Stephen King

9. Trick or Treat?
Small Spaces by Katherine Arden is a treat to read.


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