Review; Super Sikh #2 by Eileen Kaur Alden

I recieved an ARC of Super Sikh #2 by Eileen Kaur Alden in exchange for an honest review. I thought it fitted in nicely with Platypire Diversity Challenge, so I'll post the review today.

Description from Goodreads
Super Sikh is a secret agent who loves Elvis and hates bad guys. In this issue Super Sikh begins his U.S. adventure in a holding cell, makes a new American friend, and the Group X gang launches their evil plot against him.

My Thoughts on the Comic
What I did like about Super Sikh was the fact that Deep Singh is a non-white religious minority, which is not too often portrayed as the protagonist of a comic. What I did find a bit annoying is the over-used trope of "us versus them", which in this case was both good vs bad, but also sikhs vs muslims. But if you want some quick entertainment in a comic with a religious minority, feel free to pick it up.


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