Review; The Book of Chameleons by José Eduardo Agualusa

With both Literary Voyage Around the World Challenge (Angola) and Library Love Challenge in the back of my mind, I ended up borrowing The Book of Chameleons by José Eduardo Agualusa at the library. Today, I'll post the review of this novella.

Description from Goodreads
The narrator of this novel is a rather charming lizard. He lives on Felix Ventura's living-room wall, Felix, the lizard's friend and hero of the story, is a man who sells pasts - if you don't like yours, he can come up with an new one for you, a new past - full of better memories, with a complete lineage, photos and all."

My Thoughts on the Book
The Book of Chameleons is a quirky little book, but quite enjoyable. Even if the book is a quick read, it also has a bit of depth.


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