Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Favourite... Thing To Do Next To Reading

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for a new My Favourite post, courtesy of Maureen's Books. The theme of the week was favourite thing to do next to reading.

I enjoy doing a lot of various stuff, but one of my favourite things to do next to reading is visiting coffee shops and drink yummy coffee. An added bonus is, you guessed it, to bring a book to read while drinking that yummy coffee.


  1. No coffee for me, but I like visiting coffee shops and sitting down with a good book. Hope you enjoy your week.

  2. Ow Coffee.. I miss it! I drank a lot of coffee.. and from the moment I got pregnant the smell of coffee somehow makes me nauseous. So I haven't had coffee in months.. Hopefully I love it as much after I give birth.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite.

    1. What a pity, but congrats about being pregnant. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy coffee again in the future. :-)