Review; The Blue Sky by Galsan Tschinag

As I have a World Literature Project going on, I ended up reading The Blue Sky by Galsan Schinag from Mongolia and today I'll post my review.

Description from Goodreads
In the Altai Mountains of northern Mongolia, the nomadic Tuvan people’s ancient way of life is colliding with the pervasive influence of modernity. For the young shepherd boy Dshurukuwaa, the confrontation comes in stages. First his older siblings leave the family yurt to attend a distant boarding school, followed by the death of his beloved grandmother and with it, the connection to the tribe’s traditions and deep relationship to the land. But the greatest tragedy strikes when his dog — “all that was left to me” — dies after ingesting poison set out by the boy’s father to protect the herd from wolves. His despairing questions to the Heavenly Blue Sky are answered only by the silence of the wind.

The first and only member of the Tuvans to use written language to tell stories, Galsan Tschinag chronicles their traditions in this fascinating, bittersweet novel.

My Thoughts on the Book
The Blue Sky was a fascinating read about a country and an ethnic group I knew very little about. It's a slow, yet well-written book about the culture and life of the Tuvans and for that alone, I would highly recommend people reading it.


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