Monthly Summary; April 2022

April is more or less over, so perhaps it's time for me writing the monthly summary of books I've read this month. There's been quite a few crime/mystery novels this month, as I got a bit addicted to The Vampire Knitting Club series.

Anyway, here's the books I've read this month.
  • Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles by A. L. Herbert
  • Skjærsild by Tina Frennstedt
  • Annabelle by Lina Bengtsdotter
  • Stitches and Witches by Nancy Warren
  • Crochet and Cauldrons by Nancy Warren
  • Stockings and Spells by Nancy Warren
  • Purls and Potions by Nancy Warren
  • Fair Isle and Fortunes by Nancy Warren
  • A Witch Hunt in Whitby by Helen Cox
  • A Body by the Lighthouse by Helen Cox
  • Harlem Shadows: Poems by Claude McKay


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