Let's Talk Bookish; What Are The Best Ways To Get Over Reading Slumps?

It's Friday and perhaps time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Eternity Books and Literary Lion. The theme of the week was "What are the best ways to get over reading slumps?".

I can't deny I've had a couple of reading slumps over the years, I even have one now partially due to the fact that I'm moving in a few weeks. What I usually do when I have a reading slump is to not stress about it and basically take a break from reading. Right now I need to take a break anyway, due to moving and putting everything in boxes, but that's another issue.

In other circumstances, I tend to read something light/easy or a very thin book or two, so I feel that I've accomplished something. It could be a graphic novel or some comics, it could be a poetry collection. When treating reading slumps, I think it might be a bit daunting and/or unwise picking up a brick of a book with 950 pages. At least I know I would struggle getting though it.

Another thing that helps is reading book blogs and articles about literature/books in case I come across something that will spark my interest. It also really helps poking around writing blog posts like this, as it eases the pressure of reading books and writing reviews of them.

Something that sometimes has helped me a bit in the past is participating in readathons such as Off The Grid Readathon and Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. Whether it's for 24 hours or a weekend, it's designated time to actually sit down and read.

I'm not saying that what works for me, will work for everyone else, as everyone is different. In my case, it's for the better to just let things rest a bit and pick up something manageable when I feel I'm ready to read again.


  1. Swapping genres helps me, or reading a novella. I agree that a long book is the worst thing to face when you hit a reading slump.

    1. Yeah, long books aren't the brightest of ideas if one has a reading slump.


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