Let's Talk Bookish; Diversity in Books

It's Friday and time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post, courtesy of Literary Lion and Eternity Books. The theme of the week was diversity in books.

When I talk about diversity, I use the wide definition I published in my 2021 Diversity Reading Challenge, just so you know what's in the back of my head when talking about it. That said, I prefer reading diverse books by an author who knows what they're talking about, but I may make exceptions from time to time.

I love to be on the lookout for new-to-me diverse books to read and I often use Bookstagram, Booktube, book blogs and Goodreads for inspiration and suggestions. I find the first three especially helpful in terms of let's say black booktubers suggesting well written books with black protagonists or by black authors, as they know if the book is written in a proper/authentic way.

I almost wish Bookstagram and Booktube existed "back in the day" when I first came out as bi, as there were very few books, at least in Norway and even less targeted towards teens, about being LGBT+. Fortunately I discovered Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block, which made me feel less like the odd one out, even if I was the only open LGBT+ student at my secondary school at the time. I guess that craving for LGBT+ books has made me read a lot more of them in my adult years, especially after I discovered places such as Bookstagram and Booktube.

That said, I of course read a lot more diverse books than just LGBT+ books. I do also have a weak spot for Black literature and Asian literature as well and I occasionally read about mental health as well.


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