Top Ten Tuesday; Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had

It's Tuesday and time for a new Top Ten Tuesday post, courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl. The theme of the week was characters whose job I wish I had.

Here's my picks;

Bag of Bones by Jackie Layton
Andie Grace is a dog walker.

A Shot of Murder by J. A. Kazimer
Charlotte is running a whiskey distillery

Murder at the Falls by Arlene Kay
Perri is a leathersmith making dog leashes and other pet-related items

Goodnight Moo by Mollie Cox Bryan
Brynn is a cheesemaker

A Death Long Overdue by Eva Gates
Lucy is a librarian at a lighthouse library

Pulp Friction by Julie Anne Lindsey
Winona runs an apple cider business

Murder in the Bayo Boneyard by Ellen Byron
Maggie is the proprietor of a historical Cajun Country B&B

Belinda Blake and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Heather Day Gilbert
Belinda Blake is an exotic pet-sitter

Death by Café Mocha by Alex Erickson
Krissy runs a combined café and bookstore

Toxic Toffee by Amanda Flower
Bailey King runs an Amish sweet shop


  1. I didn't know lighthouses had libraries! I had lighthouse keeper on my list.

    My post:

    1. Not sure if every lighthouse has libraries, as if I remember correctly, this was a former lighthouse turned into a library to the public.

  2. A librarian at a lighthouse library? That sounds lovely.

  3. A lighthouse librarian?? Now doesn't that sound like the most fun ever??? I would like to have a coffee shop and bookshop combined.

    Lovely list! Happy TTT!

    Ten jobs Elza would love to have

    1. A lighthouse librarian would certainly be a fun job. :-)


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