Monthly Summary; May 2019

It's the end of the month again, which means it's time for a monthly summary of the books I've read in addition to my book haul. I've managed to read quite a number of books this month as well, with a combination of poetry, children's books, crime novels and other random titles. Quite a number of these where either press copies or ARC's I've recieved from Netgalley.

My favourite secondhand bookstore in Stavanger (Løvås bruktbu) had a three day sale this month, so I managed to find a few books there this month. As it's a secondhand bookstore, the books were reasonably priced to begin with, so when they had the sale, it was possible to save a bit. Walking through that store is almost like going on a literary treasure hunt.

Anyway, here's my lists.

Books I've Read

  • Grave Expectations by Sandra Gardner
  • The Jacq of Spades by Patricia Loofbourrow
  • Scarlet Fever by David Stever
  • Region Six by Ian James Krender
  • Sifting Through Clues by Daryl Wood Gerber
  • Killing Her Softly Barb Warner Deane
  • Bed, Breakfast and Beyond by JoAnn S. Dawson
  • The Winemaker's Secret by Cynthia Ellingsen
  • Møt meg på museet av Anne Youngson
  • Knit One, Die Two by Peggy Ehrhart
  • The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama
  • Håpet av Mich Vraa
  • A Checkered Past by Daniella Bernett
  • The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color: Techniques for Using Watercolor and Color Media on the Go by Shari Blaukopf
  • When Spring Comes to the DMZ by Uk-Bae Lee
  • Antiques Ravin' by Barbara Ann
  • The Hawk and the Dove by Paul Kor
  • Ojiichan's Gift by Chieri Uegaki
  • Wed, Read & Dead by V. M. Burns
  • The Diva Sweetenes the Pie by Krista Davis
  • Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim
  • Jeg klarer det ikke alene av Kristian Bergquist
  • Between You and These Bones by F. D. Soul
  • Jeg lever ikke lenger selv av Kristine Hovda
  • Kvinner under krigen av Siri Walen Simensen
  • Prologue to Murder by Lauren Elliot

Book Haul

  • Arven fra familien Palmisano by Rafel Nadal (press copy from publisher)
  • Jeg lever ikke lenger selv by Kristine Hovda (press copy from publisher)
  • Jeg klarer det ikke alene by Kristian Bergquist (press copy from publisher)
  • Smilefjes. Tommel opp. Regnbue. by Victoria Durnak (press copy from publisher)
  • Du sier, jeg sier by Kaia Dahle Nyhus (press copy from publisher)
  • Kosmos by Witold Gombrowicz (press copy from publisher)
  • The Odin Mission by James Holland
  • En gul sol by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Kvinnekamp - historia om norske motstandskvinner by Kristin Hatledal
  • Bistro - velsmakende hverdagsmat fra det franske tradisjonelle kjøkkenet


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