Review; Godchild Volume 6 by Kaori Yuki

As I needed to have a bit of change in my reading, I participated in Manga Madness Readathon a couple of months back. Godchild Volume 6 by Kaori Yuki was one of the mangas I read and today I'll post the review.

Description from Goodreads
Cain stumbles on a secret that will change his life forever. It's not only the Hargreaves who harbor skeletons in their closet. To whom can you turn when the only person you ever trusted betrays you beyond your worst nightmares?

My Thoughts on the Book
What I really like about Godchild is that it is set in the Victorian era and that it plays around with the crappy dynamics of a really dysfunctional family. Godchild also has complex characters The more I read Godchild, the more I get a weak spot for Cain. I might add that I got really pissed off because of Riff in this volume, but I am not going to give you any spoilers.


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