Review; Japanese Cooking Recipes by Fumiko Kawakami

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to recieve a press copy of Japanese Cooking Recipes by Fumiko Kawakami through Netgalley. I read it shortly afterwards and today I'll post my review.

Description from Goodreads
This useful cooking guide introduces basic Japanese recipes which you may want to try cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by more than 20 step-by-step photos and useful tips.

With this book in hand, even absolute cooking beginners cannot go wrong by easily comparing your cooking process with sample pictures. As a professional cooking instructor, the author offers knowledge in exhaustive detail so that anyone with advanced cooking skills is able to refer to the instructions.

This is also likely to attract international readers as it introduces many Japanese traditional dishes such as "nigirizushi," "yakitori," "sukiyaki," and "chawanmushi."

My Thoughts on the Book
Now, this is a detailed cookbook. In addition to that, it's bilingual (Japanese/English), full of information and intriguing recipes, and step by step instructions. Overall, it's an amazing resource and if one is a newbie when it comes to Japanese cooking, it's really helpful. There's a bunch of recipes I'd like to try too.


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