Review; Broken Wings by Jia Pingwa

Last year I recieved a press copy of the novel Broken Wings by Jia Pingwa through Netgalley. I read it shortly afterwards, but I haven't published my review until now.

Description from Goodreads
Evening, I made my one hundred and seventy-eighth scratch on the cave wall.

Despite her humble rural beginnings, Butterfly regards herself as a sophisticated young woman. So, when offered a lucrative job in the city, she jumps at the chance.

But instead of being given work, she is trafficked and sold to Bright Black, a desperate man from a poor mountain village.

Trapped in Bright's cave home with her new "husband", she plans her escape… not so easily done in this isolated and remote village where she is watched day and night.

Will her tenacity and free spirit survive, or will she be broken?

My Thoughts on the Book
I really wanted to like this novel, especially as it covers the important issue of human trafficking, but I struggled to read it. A lot of things got a bit "lost in translation" and the writing was detached (especially in regards of the rape), which made me not engage and invest that much in the characters and the story. I also found the book a bit confusing at times. I suspect that if I was able to read Chinese, I would probably like the book a lot more than I did.


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