Book Blitz; Mine of Mine by C. F. E. Black

Mind of Mine
by C.F.E. Black
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: August 7th 2019


V is a genius. She also frequently forgets her own name. 

Raised to put science over self, V must link her brain with fifteen other people, making her one of the world’s smartest humans. With this privilege comes a life dedicated to continual research inside a secluded facility, a life devoid of freedom. But she is losing her identity, unable to predict which face will peer back at her from the nearest mirror. 

Escaping this life will mean freedom to think for herself, but it will mean abandoning everything she’s ever known, ever loved. Will it be worth it?

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  1. Rooftop scene – Chapter Seven  
The rooftop. Oh, the air! The stars, hidden behind the city’s haze, pale in comparison to the blinking lights of Atlanta—each light a testament to human ingenuity and the desire to push harder, further, against the night. Marcus sits on the concrete, back facing me. He looks over at the sound of the door announcing my arrival. His smile flips into a frown in less than a second.  
A week and a half have passed since they cut off our paired streaming. In almost eight months, a week hasn’t gone by without an exhilarating dose of Marcus’ emotions and the grounding feeling that I mean something to him. Until now.  
His word lifts my insides and carries them away with the breeze. I turn, aware of the camera positioned by the door. Thankfully, they can’t put a camera in the moon.  
“Hey.” I sit down beside him, skin close enough to warm mine. The March night and my regulation attire don’t do enough to keep the chill bumps off my limbs. In the bright beam shining from the floodlight behind me, I can see all the little specs in his eyes that keep them from being perfectly azure globes. I wait for him to speak.  
“V,” he begins and stops. I hear that name only from him, and much less of late. “I want to tell you all of it, everything I’ve been doing, but we …”  
“We can’t, I know.” Anger wells inside, like vomit. I rub my hand over my fuzzy head. “Marcus, we’ll forget all this, I think.” I look back out across the trees toward the distant rise of buildings. “I think that is their plan. I’ll eventually forget that I used to stream with you.” 

About the Author
Bio: C. F. E. Black learned her love of literature from her two professor parents and a handful of excellent English teachers. She now pours this love back into young people by teaching high school and writing novels for teens. Aside from work, if she's not at local coffee shops penning her next novel, she's running, reading, being mom, or just dancing in the kitchen to too-loud music. She lives in north Alabama with her husband, son, two droopy hound dogs, and a cat named Sprinkles.

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