Top Ten Tuesday; Unpopular Book Opinions

It's Tuesday and time for yet another Top Ten Tuesday, courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl. The theme of the week was unpopular book opinions.

This could go well or it could go terribly wrong, but here's some of my perhaps slightly unpopular book opinions.

1. I really struggled liking The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
2. Even though it had a great concept, I felt The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas faltered.
3. Twilight is a crappy series. Not only does it make teenagers believe abusive relationships are "okay", but in my world vampires shouldn't sparke.
4. I am sick and tired of seing the love triangle trope.
5. Due to the hype, I have no interest in reading GoT or watch the show.
6. In relation to number one, I struggle to enjoy John Green books.
7. I sometimes have reservation in regards of hyped books - are they hyped because they are good or are they hyped because they are hyped?
8. Another author I just can't get into is Virginia Woolf.
9. I hardly reach for romance, unless the plot seems REALLY interesting or it is a classic (such as Pride and Prejudice).
10. It is totally okay to buy books at secondhand bookstores, even if they have minor damages such as cracked spines. I buy the books to read them, not for home decor purposes.


  1. Well... I'm with you on all of these, although I can't say about #1 since I never read it because it was so hyped!!!!

    1. Stay away from it, you're not missing out on anything. :-P

  2. I didn't like The Fault In Our Stars either, nor do I read romance novels! And yes, the love triangle trope is definitely a tired one.
    My TTT:

  3. Yeah, I was pretty bothered by the abusive elements of Twilight as well. It was the reason why I ranted a little about the dangers of romanticizing jealousy and possessiveness in my post this week.

    My TTT.

    1. Nice to see I'm not the only one with Twilight-issues.

  4. I agree with you on 10, although I prefer to buy new books for my favorite authors. I am buying 1st printing collectibles of one series, and I look for good to like new condition on those.

    1. I do buy new books too, so I do get your point on the condition of books by favourite authors. Though I might add I was fortunate enough to find a few out of print illustrated versions of Dracula (my fave book of all times) at a secondhand store, so I couldn't resist even if the dust cover on one was a little bit damaged.


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