TBR Mix 'n' Mingle; What I'm Reading in June 2019

It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for a new TBR Mix 'n' Mingle post, courtesy of The Hungry Bookworm.

At the moment I almost feel like my Netgalley TBR are growing rather than decreasing, but there's so many interesting books on Netgalley that it's sometimes a bit difficult NOT to request any. So yeah, I still have a bucket load of Netgalley books on my TBR list.

Here's a few of the books I'm planning to read this month.

Lightning Sky by R. C. George

The Woman in the Blue Cloak by Deon Meyer

Changing of the Guard Dog by Lane Stone

Drawing D-Day by Ugo Giannini

The Distance Between High and Low by Kaye Park Hinckley

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Film That Terrified a Rattled Nation by Joseph Lanza

Kerosene and Candles bu John Kingston McMahon

Murder by the Sea by Kathleen Bridge


  1. I have the same problem with NetGalley. I just requested two more. Can't help myself haha.

    1. I can't help myself either. It's like "oh, this one looks fun, and this one, and this one". Haha. :-P


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