Challenges I Want To Participate In This Year

As it is January, I thought it was time to sign up for a few new reading challenges. As usual I have the issue of limiting myself in terms of how many I sign up for, but luckily some books can be used for several challenges which makes things a bit easier. Also, I have participated in some of these challenges earlier years (Cloak and Dagger, Foodies and Back to the Classics to be specific), so it will be nice to revisit them.

In order to kick myself a certain place in terms of my world literature project, I also decided to join the Literary Voyage Around the World Reading Challenge, as it basically gave me an excuse to read some of the books which makes me capable of crossing off a few countries.

Anyway, here are the challenges I want to participate in this year.
2018 Cloak and Dagger Challenge (Amateur Sleuth Level; 5-15 books)
Literary Voyage Around The World Reading Challenge 2018 (Hitchhiker Level: 25-40 books)
Foodies Read 2018
Back to the Classics 2018
2018 Platypire Diversity Challenge (Noob Status; 1-5 books)
2018 Library Love Challenge (Dewey Decimal Level; 12 books)


  1. Welcome to the Literary Voyage Around the World Reading Challenge - looking forward to reading where you will take us - in books! :) Exciting!


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