Top Five Wednesday; Six Month Check-in

It's Wednesday and perhaps it's time for another Top Five Tuesday post courtesy of the Top Five Wednesday Goodreads group and today's theme was the top five books I've read for the last six months.

Here's my top five books I've read so far this year.

Below by Laurel Hightower

Description from Goodreads
HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO HELP A STRANGER? While driving through the mountains of West Virginia during a late-night snowstorm, a recently divorced woman experiences bizarre electrical problems, leaving her with little choice but to place her trust with a charismatic truck driver. But when an unexplainable creature with haunting red eyes gets between them, she is forced to make one of the toughest decisions of her life. Will she abandon the stranger who kept her safe-or will she climb down below, where reality has shapeshifted into a living nightmare?

The Cabin by Matt Shaw

Description from Goodreads
“You’d never see the ghosts, not properly. You’d only catch a glimpse of their shapes out of the corner of your eye and you’d hear their stolen, vengeful scream; an ear-piercing shriek to steal the lives of anyone who heard it.” * * * * * For Craig, the trip to the cabin was supposed to be a quiet retreat from his hectic city life where he could concentrate on writing his latest novel. For his wife, Susan, and his two kids, Jamie and Ava, it was supposed to be a weekend vacation. For all of them, it became a nightmare.

The Hollow Dead by Darcy Coates

Description from Goodreads
When Keira first woke alone in a strange forest, she remembered only two things: that she could speak with the dead, helping them move on from the mortal world, and that sinister mask-wearing men were hunting her. She had no idea what she'd done to earn their hatred or what dangerous secrets she may have uncovered. Until now.

Peeling back layer upon layer of the mystery surrounding her origins, Keira has finally learned that the strange masked men work for Artec, an organization profiting off spectral energy produced by hundreds of chained, tormented souls. Their goal is to spread their macabre cemeteries across the world, using the agony of the dead to extend their power and reach―and only Keira and her loyal group of friends can stop them. But there are still mysteries to uncover in Keira's foggy memories, and as she prepares to fight for the souls of the tormented dead, what she doesn't know about her own past may come back to haunt her.

The Whitby Witches by Robin Jarvis

Description from Goodreads
When orphans Ben and Jennet arrive in the seaside town of Whitby to stay with Alice Boston, they have no idea what to expect. A lively 92-year-old, Miss Boston is unlike any other foster mother they’ve known. Ben is gifted with "the sight," which gives him the power to see things invisible to other mortals. He soon encounters the mysterious fisher folk who live under the cliffs and discovers that Alice and her friends are not quite what they seem. But a darkness is stalking the streets of Whitby, bringing with it fear and death. Could it be a ghost from the Abbey? Or a beast from hell? Unless the truth is uncovered, the town and all its inhabitants is doomed.

Scravir - While Whitby Sleeps by C. M. Vassie

Description from Goodreads
The explosive re-imagining of Whiby's darkest hour.

The famous Goth Weekend is in full swing. But while a mysterious guest star's music rocks the Pavillion, emaciated corpses are appearing in the streets. Dark forces are mingling with the thrill seekers.

Outsider Daniel Murray has never believed in the supernatural. Local girl Tiffany Harrek is not so sure. If they are to survive the next 48 hours they must wise up. Fast.


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