Book Tag Saturday; The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

The Totally Should’ve Book Tag was created by EmmmaBooks on YouTube so definitely go and check that out.
This book tag takes a series of random situations to do with books and you have to say what book (or books) you would like to see that situation apply to.
Totally should’ve… Gotten a sequel
Roseblood by A. G. Howard

Totally should’ve… Had a spin-off series
The Bear and the Nightingale-trilogy by Katherine Arden

An author who should… Totally write more books
Samaire Provost

A character who totally should’ve… Ended up with someone else
Feel free to slap me for this one, but I do think that Harry and Hermione should be together

Totally should’ve… Ended differently 
The Burning Blue by James Holland - it seemed like he rushed it a bit in the end

Totally should’ve… Had a movie franchise
The Daughter of Smoke and Bone-trilogy by Laini Taylor

Totally should’ve… Had a tv series
Scales by Amity Green

Totally should’ve… Only had one point of view
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by R. L. Stevenson

Totally should… Have a cover change
Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle

Totally should’ve… Have kept the original covers

All those with movie-adaption covers

Totally should’ve… Stopped at one book
Wytches (Volume 1) by Scott Snyder


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