Review; Loch Ness by Matt Shaw

As I've got a weak spot for cryptid fiction, horror, and Scotland, I couldn't resist the horror novella Loch Ness by Matt Shaw and today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Goodreads
For decades the Loch Ness monster has been a creature of legend. Seen by only a few but doubted by many, is there really something lurking beneath the waters of Loch Ness? According to scientists who have studied the waters for years, the chances of Nessie being anything other than a giant eel are slim to none. Even so, that doesn't stop millions of people travelling to the loch on a yearly basis in the hope of seeing the creature for themselves.

Today, Reece Walker - an author in desperate need of a best-selling book after his recent ones haven't quite hit the market where they needed to be - is one such visitor. Staying next to the loch, he hopes to use the beautiful scenery - and legend itself - as inspiration for his own Nessie-based book. And, as if luck would have it, on the first day he's in town, a half-chewed-upon body washed up on the muddy banks. The culprit? A creature of unknown origin. Have the scientists missed something? Could the Loch Ness monster be more fact than fiction?

My Thoughts on the Book
Loch Ness is one of those story within a story-kind of novellas, so one might need to keep the tongue in check a couple of times, but the more one read, the more it makes sense. It's an entertaining book with lots of interesting characters to say it the least and there's a twist on the whole Loch Ness monster thing as well. Perhaps it's not the best book I've read by Matt Shaw, but it was fun nontheless.


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