Review; The Cabin 2: Asylum by Matt Shaw

As I was eager to figure out what happened next after finishing The Cabin by Matt Shaw, I had to read The Cabin 2: Asylum. Today I'll post my review of the latter.

Description from Goodreads
The hugely anticipated follow-up to Matt Shaw's best-selling horror story 'The Cabin'.

"I sat up and rested my back against the soft padded wall. I wonder whether the padding on the wall is to stop me from hurting myself, as they had explained when I first got here, or to drown the sounds of my banging and screaming as I beg for them to let me out; not that they ever will."

Deemed unfit to stand trial after murdering his family, Craig was sent to the very Asylum (centred around the ghost stories) which led to his downfall. Here he hoped for nothing more than peace and quiet, as he struggled to get to grips with what he'd done, but the vengeful spirits had other ideas as they set about revealing their secrets to him.

My Thoughts on the Book
The Cabin 2: Asylum is one of those books that mess with your head a bit, all in a good way if you're a horror fan. It's fast-paced and you're wondering what's real and what isn't. The ending was perhaps a little bit of a cop-out, but overall it was a really engaging read.


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