Review; The Cabin by Matt Shaw

Recently I read the supernatural horror novella The Cabin by Matt Shaw and today I'll post my review of this book.

Description from Goodreads
“You’d never see the ghosts, not properly. You’d only catch a glimpse of their shapes out of the corner of your eye and you’d hear their stolen, vengeful scream; an ear-piercing shriek to steal the lives of anyone who heard it.” * * * * * For Craig, the trip to the cabin was supposed to be a quiet retreat from his hectic city life where he could concentrate on writing his latest novel. For his wife, Susan, and his two kids, Jamie and Ava, it was supposed to be a weekend vacation. For all of them, it became a nightmare.

My Thoughts on the Book
As The Cabin is more of the psychological horror rather than "blood, guts, and gore"-type of horror, it can certainly creep you out a little bit. Even though it's a quick read, it's also slow-paced, which I found a bit neat and the ending made me pick up the sequel rather quickly as I wanted to figure out what happened next. Overall it was a good read with lots of atmosphere and tension, aided by the various characters in the book.


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