Review; Hunted - A Jonathan Harker Novel av Christopher Draven

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Thanks to Enchanted Book Promotions, I got the chance to read Hunted - A Jonathan Harker Novel by Christopher Draven and today it's my turn to review it.

Description from Goodreads
Slinging Spells with Broken Ribs Isn't Easy 

Jonathan Harker, an itinerant mage with a personal agenda, travels to meet a mysterious contact with information Harker desperately needs. Harker arrives in town a few months early, sets up shop, and meets the local practitioners; including a Fortune-Teller named Clover and a self-described "Kitchen Witch" named Momma Dee. Everything went according to plan. 
However, nothing is ever easy. Waking up tied to a chair with broken ribs, Harker's situation grows complicated. 
A powerful summoner, who traffics in pacts with Demons, has set his sights on Harker. Armed with impossibly powerful magic, the Summoner snares Harker in a deadly trap. In order to survive, Harker must get help from Clover and Momma Dee; and figure out why he has been targeted. To prevail against the Summoner and his ilk, Jonathan Harker must walk unprepared into a pit of Demons and black magic - and come out alive on the other side.

My thoughts on the novel
Personally I enjoyed reading this novel, esp. as it is in a sense a spin-off from Bram Stoker's Dracula and the latter is indirectly mentioned several times during Hunted (Dracula fans will easily find those nudges). Another good thing is that Hunted portrays Jonathan Harker a bit more badass than the "regular" portrayal in movies etc.


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