Dikt; The Ecstasy Of Creation av Kazi Nazrul Islam

In the ecstasy of creation today 
Laughs my face, smile my eyes 
Glows my boiling blood 
In the brook of my shuttered soul 
The roaring tide brings the flood. 
Streams laughter, tears together 
Freedom comes, unity nearer. 
Opens my mouth, heart cries 
From bitter sorrows bliss arise 
There comes the forlorn breast's cry of woe 
In the ecstasy of creation today ho! 
Comes desolation, breaths dejection 
Heart rending sigh beyond creation. 
Swelling the sea, blowing the wind, shaking the firmament 
Exploding in the space, 
God Vishnu's wheel is flying 
Sparks in the air, 
God Shivas landing - trident. 
Behold! the Comet with the meteors 
Out to over turn the creation-doors 
Watching which today 
Flowers of a million garden 
Dance in my heart with gay 
In the ecstasy of new order today.


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