Let's Talk Bookish; The Bookish Balancing Act

It's Friday, which means it's probably time for another Let's Talk Bookish post courtesy of Book Nook Bits and today's topic is the bookish balancing act.

Here's the further prompts for today.
How do you balance blogging with the rest of your life? What strategies have you found work best? Do you always feel like you can make time for blogging and books? Or do you often find yourself unable to make blogging a top priority?
Even though I'm a book dragon that lives and breathes books and literature, I know that I sometimes need to do something else, just so I don't end up with another blogging and reading burnout as I got last year. I basically had to stop both reading and blogging for quite some time, as both felt a bit of a chore, and I also made use of the hiatus to re-brand the book blog a bit, focusing mainly on horror and paranormal, in addition to fewer blog posts per week, so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

After I changed things up a bit, I feel a bit more relaxed when it comes to both reading in general and book blogging, which makes it a bit more enjoyable. Even though I've had this habit for several years, another thing that helps out a lot is writing and scheduling blog posts in advance, so I don't need to write "there and then" and hit publish afterwards. It gives me a bit more wiggle room, so I can do other stuff too, and not feel bad if I don't do any blogging for a week or two.


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