Let's Talk Bookish; Favorite Female Protagonists

It's Friday and perhaps it's time for new Let's Talk Bookish post courtesy of the book blog Book Nook Bits and the theme of the week was favourite female protagonists as it's International Women's Day today.

Here's the further prompts of this week's discussion.
It’s International Women’s Day! Who are some of your favorite female protagonists? What makes a female protagonist feel genuine to you? Share some recommendations!
Regardless of gender or whether it's the protagonist or a side character, I prefer complex and well fleshed out characters, especially if they're not the standard "cookie cutter characters". Darcy Coates has a way of writing genuine and complex characters that's relatable and I especially liked Keira from the Gravekeeper series (a series worth checking out if you're into cosy horror). 

If you're into Swedish thrillers/horror, The Lost Village by Camilla Sten is also worth checking out, due to the protagonist named Alice Lindstedt.


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