Let's Talk Bookish; Do Tropes Count As Spoilers?

It's Friday again and perhaps it's time for a new Let's Talk Bookish post courtesy of the book blog named Book Nook Bits and the topic of the week was "Do tropes count as spoilers?".

Here's the further prompts for this week.
A lot of the time, books will be promoted on social media books with their tropes. For example, a book might be advertised as being enemies to lovers, having found family, or starring a ‘chosen one’. Can those tropes be spoilers, giving away parts of the plot? What do you think about marketing books based on tropes?
While I do get why some might think that using tropes in marketing can be viewed as spoilers, there's also the fact that somewhere on the cover, there's a blurb anyway and isn't the blurb also a spoiler in that sense? It's not like the average trope gives away too much of the details of the plot and when it comes to for instance romance novels, there's for the most part a happy ending anyway.

There's also the fact that there's always some tropes we like better than others and in some cases, readers want to read books with whatever trope they enjoy. I enjoy the haunted house trope in horror, so if I stumble across a book marketed with that trope, there's a bigger chance I might pick it up.

So in my opinion, using tropes in marketing isn't necessarily a bad idea.


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