Review; The Prettiest Girl in the Grave by Kristopher Triana

I read the horror novel The Prettiest Girl in the Grave by Kristopher Triana earlier this year and today I'll post my review of the book.

Description from Goodreads
From the author of international horror sensation Gone to See the River Man comes a new tale of terror that will drag you to the darkest corners of the soul.

Some girls are fearful, others are brave. One girl’s a princess, the next one, a slave. But all girls are equal, when they’re down in this cave, until just one is left standing—The Prettiest Girl in the Grave.

It’s only supposed to be a game.

When Bella, Celeste, and Rose meet with new friends at a graveyard in the woods, they soon realize they’re unprepared for what’s planned. At twenty-four, Aubrey is older than the high schoolers, and she knows of a secret game that’s been played by local girls for decades.

It starts with personal questions, but quickly moves on to a test of courage as Aubrey guides them into an underground crypt. But even Aubrey doesn’t know what they’re really getting into. Bella’s mother, Holly, may be the only one who does.

As a teen, Holly and her friends also played the game, and Holly barely survived. When she discovers her daughter has gone to the graveyard, she fears Bella will get lost in the mysterious catacombs just as she had . . . and face the same sinister forces.

As the girls search for a way out, Holly must return to the dreadful crypt she swore she’d never come back to, and finally face her own dark secrets.

My Thoughts on the Book
Personally I really enjoyed reading this creepy read, that among other things deals with fitting in (or not), true friendship, mindgames, and the shallowness of beauty. As the girls are so different, it makes the dynamics interesting, and the plot was fast-paced and engaging.

Overall it was a fun book to read.


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