Dikt; Paint it Clean with Love av Neva Flores

Life for me is beautiful, like a dress of cool water and shining sun
Decorated with glowing stars and flowing dreams
If you wonder, why this smile of mine rarely comes undone
And what paints this rainbow as my theme
I could tell you stories of dark ways I have had to walk
Speak to you of anger and disgust
But I would rather know, I spread my smile as I talk
So I just leave those stories in the dust
I seek a better home that will wrap around all aching hearts
Built with strength and faith, painted clean in love
Big enough to share and always impart
Sweet warmth, like a glove
Life for me is beautiful, I embrace each day as it dawns
Wearing this smile, it brings to me
Each day is full of cool water and shining sun
I smile at the rainbow I see
If you will watch closely, you can see the glowing stars
Help me find this home I am dreaming of
We can smile and walk together; I hear it is not far
Hold my hand; we will paint it clean with love


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